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LEGAL NOTICE:  This list is provided to serve as notice in compliance with the virtual patent marking provisions of 35 USC § 287.  Other products not listed herein may be associated with one or more patents in the United States or elsewhere.  Patent applications may be pending or published, and patents may have issued in the United States and elsewhere which are not currently identified on this list.  Absence of any patent or product from this list shall not preclude AARDVARK, or any of its affiliates, from pursuing any and all rights which may be in existence, whether now or in the future, at law or in equity.  This list may be unavailable from time to time without notice as part of maintenance or an unintended outage.  Content herein is subject to change without notice.



FLEX Loadout Exchange System

Tactical Shoulder Garment

Three-Piece Tactical Cummerbund

Scalable Entry Vest (SEV) Series

Scalable Plate Rack (SPR) Series

Tactical Response Vest (TRV) Series

Ultralight Plate Rack (UPR) Series


US 5921703

US 10555599 B2, US10264874 B2

US 20200355469 A1

Patent Pending

Patent Pending

Patent Pending

Patent Pending

Patent Pending

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