The PROJECT7 INTEGRATED LOAD BEARING OPERATOR PACK (ILB-OP) is built to house gas masks, less-lethal munitions, medical supplies or other necessities for the modern tactical operator.

The PROJECT7 INTEGRATED LOAD BEARING MEDICAL PACK (ILB-MD) was designed from the ground up for tactical medics and search and rescue personnel.  Featuring a rugged yet compact design with five external pockets and six removable throw pouches, the ILB-MD is the result of a years of research and the input of physicians, paramedics, EMTs, and tactical medics.  

The PROJECT7 INTEGRATED LOAD BEARING LESS-LETHAL PACK (ILB-LL) is the answer to a constant source of frustration for our clients; how to carry and manage less-lethal options in an unobtrusive, yet immediately accessible manner.  ILB-LL is built to not only carry 40mm ammunition, but also to house an 11” short barreled folding stock launcher. The idea behind the ILB-LL is that a single team member can carry a launcher with 15 rounds, and work out of the pack either by taking it off, or by operating directly off the back of their lethal cover.

The PROJECT7 INTEGRATED LOAD BEARING ASSAULT PACK (ILB-AP) is an all-purpose, compact, assault pack built for broad operational applications both on and off duty.



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