TAS: Threat Augmentation System

In the changing tactical environment, Improvised Explosive Devices are now a constant threat to not only EOD/Bomb operators but to tactical operators as well. The new mission profile includes the need for tactical teams to make entry into environments where IEDs are present, which until now has meant risking the blast and fragmentation injuries caused by these devices. The P7 Threat Augmentation System (TAS) is the result of a collaboration between PROJECT 7 and the premier bomb suit manufacturer in the world, MED-ENG™. The design concept for the TAS is to utilize a P7 SEV as a base layer and augment that protection with full body fragmentation coverage. The TAS layers directly over the P7 SEV by simply removing the detachable yoke, allowing protection for fragmentation and blast to be enhanced, while also maintaining standard vest load out. The TAS can be donned in a few minutes and features an ergonomic and athletic design to provide normal mobility and agility with dramatically enhanced threat protection.