IHS: Integrated Helmet System

The P7 Integrated Helmet System (IHS) was created to combine all industry leading tactical helmet components into a single, fully built system specifically for tactical operators. The IHS begins with a PROTECH Tactical high-cut ballistic shell, then incorporates a Wilcox® L4 G24 night vision shroud, and Ops-Core® bungees to secure NVGs. Ops- Core rails are bolted to the helmet, and a custom Mil-Spec Velcro kit is included to facilitate NVG counterweights, IFF beacons, helmet mounted communication systems, and ID Patches. Internally, the IHS features a Team Wendy EPIC Air™ Zorbium liner and CAM FIT™ suspension system, which utilizes a BOA® connector to ensure exact fit and comfort. The P7 IHS is available in a lightweight and standard version, in 2 sizes, with 6 color combinations. The entire system is housed in the included padded Cordura helmet bag, which allows for the fully configured helmet to be packed and protected without needing to remove comms, NV mount, counterweights, beacons, and other accessories.