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The patented PROJECT7 Fast Loadout Exchange (FLEX) system utilizes removable loadout panels, which attach to MOLLE based “backers” with VELCRO, allowing for loadout removal and/or reconfiguration in seconds. With the FLEX, it is now possible to: utilize multiple loadouts for a single vest, swap loadouts on the fly, share a single loadout across multiple platforms, (i.e. from entry vest to plate carrier), remove your loadout to share with a teammate, (i.e. TFAK/IFAK), or completely remove a loadout to allow for better access to gear while in prone position.


FLEX backers and panels can be purchased separately to allow each operator to customize their FLEX configuration.


Available in: 3C x 6R, 4C x 6R, and 6C x 6R


Available in: OD, BLACK and MULTICAM

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